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Train to Busan [English Subtitled]:Peliculas-gratis

Yoo Gong
Yoo Gong Published in September 25, 2018, 2:41 pm
 Train to Busan [English Subtitled]:Peliculas-gratis

Train to Busan [English Subtitled]:Peliculas-gratis


Mr. M. K. Egan
Mr. M. K. Egan Reply to on 16 December 2017
I'm a big fan of the zombie genre-from the classics by George A Romero to 'The Walking Dead' and now 'Train To Busan' (TTB hereafter) has been added to that illustrious list after I read a positive film review in Big Issue North magazine.

Some people are put off by foreign films but you're really missing out if you're one of them because TTB is one of the best horror films I've seen in a long time and is right up there with other great foreign films such as 'Rec', 'Ils (Them)' and 'Let the right one in.'

I knew the film was of high qualify after one of the opening scenes featuring a dead deer coming back-to-life, after being struck by a vehicle, and this sets the tone for the rest of the film. The main character is Seok-Woo-an office fund manager who is no longer with his wife because he's married to the job, and he has custody of his daughter Soo-an who is cared for by his mother whilst he's at work.

Seok-Woo reluctantly agrees to take Soo-An to Busan on her birthday, so she can visit her mother, and they board a train to Busan (no surprises there!) where all hell breaks loose after an infected woman boards the train at the last moment before the doors close. The zombies featured in TTB are the fast-moving type of zombies featured in films such as '28 Days Later' and 'World War Z'.

During the train journey it becomes clear from media reports that the virus has spread across South Korea however the outbreaks of violence are initially perceived to be civil unrest (riots.) Apparently Busan is the only safe place left and the film is a battle-for-survival on the train after many of the passengers become infected.

Initially Seok-Woo sticks to his selfish ways and concentrates only on keeping himself and his daughter alive at the expense of other people, but it soon becomes clear the band of survivors need to work together if they have any hope of surviving and he joins forces with a homeless man, a man who is travelling with his pregnant wife and members of a high school baseball team.

I'm no expert on cinematography but TTB is a terrifically crafted film which will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat throughout and there are a lot of surprises along the way. I enjoyed every minute of the film and fully intend to watch the animated prequel 'Seoul Station'. It's a must-watch for all fans of the zombie genre and horror fans in general.
Big Jambo Dave
Big Jambo Dave Reply to on 12 February 2018
Great zombie flick with an undertone of what the living are capable of doing to each other when survival is at stake. Some spectacular effects concerning the zombies and the development of the characters in the film was well handled so much so that I was rooting for the more likeable people to get to safety. It certainly showed that there can be humanity from the more unlikely source i.e. the straight laced and business like fund manager who was a hero in the end. This wasn't a mindless zombie romp like so many others and it's surprising just how little you notice this is sub-titled because it's just such a good film.
Pestered by Amazon
Pestered by Amazon Reply to on 7 August 2017
Perhaps the most important aspect of this Asian zombie thriller is that the fates that befall the protagonists dominate the story, rather than the predictable one character after another falling prey to the undead in increasingly gory ways.Here , there are some seriously considered back stories underlying the central characters, which work to give them depth and interest as they battle with their "infected" fellow citizens. Cleverly, the film sidesteps any kind of explanation about why everyone is turning crazy and focuses instead on the resulting threats that arise. And it is the personalities of the leading characters that nicely influence the turn of events. Not the best film I've ever seen but it kept me watching until the end.
Elaine Ambrose
Elaine Ambrose Reply to on 24 July 2017
A seriously good zombie flick - will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you laugh, and have you rooting for some great characters.
Nicole G
Nicole G Reply to on 2 November 2017
As usual South Korea does what it does best...

There are few zombie flicks that i can be fully gripped and still feel emotionally connected to the characters till that last second..

This one does that in leaps and bounds... Gong Yoo the lead is phenomenal in this as expected, he does not disappoint.

I have found with my love of Kdrama and Kmovies that korea has a way of telling stories like no other, unless u think of japan or china and so forth.. They have a talent for making the story gripping from start to finish and make you want more.

Well worth the watch and worth the buy too i would say.. im going to get this myself.
Tom Reply to on 21 August 2017
One of the best films I have watched in years, this film is among the greats in terms of zombie films, rivalling 28 days/weeks later and many other classics. I enjoyed this film so much I bought it for a number of my friends as presents and they share the same opinion as me.

Fantastic acting, incredible storytelling and interesting characters with plenty of depth, I haven't enjoyed a film this much in a long time, to anyone who enjoys zombie films, or films in general this is a must watch.
emma Reply to on 19 November 2017
Brilliant film I watched it twice on my own, once with my husband and once with my mother and sister. Definitely has the emotion that world war Z lacked too. So much better than I thought it was going to be and the subtitles are no bother what so ever and no bad actors. In fact, you end up liking the characters a lot! With the exception of that 1 character that makes your blood boil ! You'll know who if you watch.
Ro Reply to on 8 October 2017
A must watch for all those into zombie films. A genre well over-done, this is set to be a classic. It is surreal being combined to a simple story line instead of the typical, board up in house and survive kind of thing. Emotional to watch and easy to get attached to the characters youre feeling through the entire film, on your edge and actually hoping the characters survive, which can be vary rare nowadays. Just watch it, trust me.
20mbieboy Reply to on 27 July 2018
This Has to be one of the best movies i have watched in a long time. the acting was superb from all cast big props to the little girl who was excellent. also big props to the director as this is his first live action film he has directed before this he did anime. the setting is unique and adds to the overall atmosphere of the film can feel very claustrophobic at times with nice tight camera pans. the zombies are fast ones not the slow ones from the George A. Romero universe. but it works in this film normally not a fan of them but as i say works well in this film. i will also be buying the prequel seoul station this was from the same directer so should be a decent film.

If you like a good zombie move and are ok with subtitles then dont delay buy this move for your collection without hesitation it wont be disappointing
DM Strachan
DM Strachan Reply to on 23 July 2017
Amazing film! Had me crying, cheering and shouting in the space of about 5 minutes! Excellent visuals, interesting concepts of responsibility and selfishness, and the pacing was very strong. Overall a well acted and shot film which I couldn't recommend more!
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