Peliculas-gratis Ryvita Beetroot Cracker, 150 g:Peliculas-gratis
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Ryvita Beetroot Cracker, 150 g:Peliculas-gratis

Ryvita Published in September 25, 2018, 2:59 pm
 Ryvita Beetroot Cracker, 150 g:Peliculas-gratis

Ryvita Beetroot Cracker, 150 g:Peliculas-gratis

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Frankie Reply to on 18 August 2018
First time I'd tried these and loved them, They are Low in Saturated Fat, with no artificial colours or flavours, A unique addition to any cheeseboard and I believe a source of fibre, they are wrapped in their own little bags so the whole box doesn't go stale if you don't eat them straight off, but no chance of them going stale in my house I had them every day for my lunch with a bit of cheese, tomato and cucumber and really enjoyed them, I will be buying them again and again.
JBV Reply to on 29 July 2018
My wife loves these. I don't.

If you like beetroot, you'll like these, if (like me) you don't, you'll probably want to avoid them.
lillydear Reply to on 13 August 2018
Wow like healthy water biscuits but healthier have bought again. Lovely with a creamy Stilton
Mrs. E. L. Johnston
Mrs. E. L. Johnston Reply to on 28 June 2018
Tasteless, hard and totally devoid of any flavour let alone beetroot. Not nice at all.
leylandlass Reply to on 5 April 2018
quick delivery and very fresh crackers
What I really think
What I really think Reply to on 19 July 2018
Very crisp and light. I like the fact they are in portion size sealed bags which keeps them fresh. Not any obvious flavour but thats not always required when putting cheese on and things. Wouldn't rave about them but they are ok.
Lizzie Reply to on 26 June 2018
OK for a non sweet snack but no noticeable beetroot flavour. Bit disappointing for me.
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