Peliculas-gratis Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper:Peliculas-gratis
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Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper:Peliculas-gratis

Remington Published in October 18, 2018, 5:42 pm
 Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper:Peliculas-gratis

Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper:Peliculas-gratis

Price:£34.99+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

Russell Platten
Russell Platten Reply to on 8 February 2018
 I have been cutting my own hair for several years and before that my wife used to cut it. I have always used a professional hair clippers and have had both cordless and corded. The clippers that this Remington Quickcut was bought to replace are corded and cost a lot more money. There is nothing wrong with them, but I have found it very difficult to cut my own hair with them and I decided to try and find something a little easier. After a fair bit of research I decided to give these a try.

I have just used them for the first time and they are way better than the traditional clippers that they are replacing. Please watch the video for an in-depth look at them and to see how I got on with them whilst cutting my own hair. They are so much easier to use than my other ones. This is partly due to the fact that the blades are curved and fit the contours of my head better. Also they fit into the hand in a way that makes keeping the blade flat against the scalp much easier than the long handle on traditional clippers. This is further enhanced by the absence of a chord. They are much easier to use if you cut your own hair. This also applies if you usually get someone to do it for you too. I found them much quicker too as they were easier to keep flat on my scalp.

Inside the box: The clippers, a soft carrying case, Instructions, charger, cleaning brush, oil for the blade and nine different sized combs (see the product description for their sizes). In the video I use the clippers without a comb and they cut my hair very short (1mm according to the instructions).

The clippers have a battery that should last around 40 minutes. I reckon it took me around 5 minutes to cut my hair and beard so plenty of cuts on one charge. It recharges from flat in 4 hours. A brilliant feature is the ability to use them from the mains socket, with the power adapter plugged in, if the battery is flat. The mains adapter has a cable of around 6 feet length so it would be possible to cut your hair easily this way. It does state that constantly using the clippers via the mains will shorten the life of the battery. Personally, I love the fact that the clippers are cordless and would only use this feature if I ran out of charge. The unit also has a quick charge feature that may allow you to finish a cut if the battery runs out. 10 minutes charge time will give an “emergency burst of runtime”.

The clippers are easy to clean. They are water resistant and are designed to be switched on and rinsed under a tap. The blades can easily be removed to give the clippers a more thorough clean with the brush provided. They did not need this after I cut my hair, but I showed it in the video. Three drops of oil on the running blade and then the clippers can be put away ready for the next cut.

There is another clipper called the Shortcut that is quite a bit more expensive than the Quickcut. If you are wondering what the difference is; the Shortcut is completely waterproof and can be used whilst showering to keep the mess down. I like to cut my hair in the shower, but when it is dry, before I actually turn it on. Also, I like to check that I have not missed anything in the mirror before I shower, so for me the Quickcut is fine.

I love using these clippers. They are much easier and quicker than my old ones. There is no chord to deal with so you can cut your hair anywhere. They are quiet, fit nicely in the hand and are ergonomic to use. At no time did they feel like they were unsafe or had the potential to cut me around the ears or nose. I was very comfortable using them. I cannot vouch for how long they will last, but after reading other reviews and owning other Remington equipment, I think that they will be a good purchase. I loved using them and I reckon you will too if you are fed up of struggling to cut your hair with conventional corded hair clippers.
Mr. S. R. Atwell
Mr. S. R. Atwell Reply to on 17 January 2018
Ladies and gentleman look no further for the best "Quick Cut" clippers. I've been bald on top for 20 years so keot my head at level 0 for about 10 years.
I've always owned an expensive standard clippers from various big brands. My latest Philips only lasted a year.
Looking at other reviews I went for this little gem. I've just shaved my head at level 0 in 2 minutes flat.
The curved blade is at least half a size bigger than your typical straight blade which makes it so much earlier. The shape is absolutely perfect for the scalp.
This must be ideal for doing restless children as it's so flipping quick.
Perfect cut all over, easy to hold and move over the scalp.
Used lever 3 for my eyebrows and there is 9 different levels.
Being almost 50 I have a few little raised skin patches and with the straight blade it always catches but this curved shape simply glides over every lump and bump.
DAJ Reply to on 22 November 2017
I regularly buzz cut my own hair at home, makes life a lot easier for my circumstances. I had been persevering with an old set of Nicky Clarke clippers I purchased in the late 90's, despite being a little awkward to work with they actually did a decent job and they certainly lasted well. Eventually the blades dulled and I recently replaced them with a set of Wahl clippers from Amazon based on a lot of positive reviews. However, the Wahl's turned out to be absolute pants. They did indeed have nice sharp titanium blades (Wahl's big selling point) but the blades barely moved to actually cut anything, multiple adjustments failed to improve them. They ripped hair out rather than cut through it and after nigh on discovering what it felt like to be scalped by a 'Native American' a couple of times the Wahl's quickly ended up in the bin. Thankfully, I then found these Remington HC4250 Quick Cut clippers. A little pricey, but Remington are a solid brand and they were definitely worth it in this instance. I got them on offer for £34, (but noticed as I type they're currently selling on Amazon for £25 which is a serious bargain for this set)!!

I've waited until I had used these Remington clippers a few times before reviewing to provide better information. My other clippers would frequently take 3 or 4 (or more) passes to get the job completely done and tidy up. 1 pass with these and for the most part you're quickly done!! Certain areas sometimes need a brief 2nd pass due to the curve in the blades and the shape of the head or face, but they are miles better than other clippers I've used. They're so much easier to hold and work with if buzzing your own head at home. They're also nice and grippy so they don't end up shooting across the room as you cut. Took a little getting used to the 1st couple of cuts due to their shape but you do rapidly adjust to them. Long or short hair, beard/stubble trimming, they just glide effortlessly through it all and the curve in the blade really helps to cover larger areas in a single pass. I haven't tried the attachments admittedly, but they seem to lock and hold on the unit well (the attachments would easily and frequently fall off the standard clippers I had). I just use these clippers as they are which gives a nice close and even all round cut. Battery life isn't amazing but they get the job done so quickly I can certainly forgive them for that, (they can be used with the cable but it's not very long and would undoubtedly be restrictive). I just give them a quick 45 minute charge every time I use them and keep them fully topped up. They're also completely waterproof for easy cleaning, etc. Full range of attachments are included in decent retail packaging, along with a wall charger, small bottle of blade oil, cleaning brush, and a travel pouch. They're really small in comparison to a standard pair of clippers and would be ideal to take on travels as well. They look good, they're well made, specifically designed to sit nicely in the hand or between your fingers as you work, and they do a solid job incredibly quickly. VERY impressed with these as an entire package. I just hope they last but LiPo cells obviously have a fairly limited life. I expect that will be the first thing to go and I doubt they're manufactured for the LiPo cells to be user serviceable either.

a Reply to on 19 April 2017
absolutley brilliant so quick and easy , smaller than i thought it would b which is a good thing as it fits perfectly in the palm of ur hand and takes 2mins to crop my hair as i use it without any of the attatchements for a perfect "skninhead" look as im goin bald perfect solution
Toby Reply to on 16 August 2017
Wanted to wait until I'd had a few uses of this before reviewing.

This item is simply amazing - from a full charge it lasted 4 or 5 complete shaves before I had to charge it up again and I am now in a position where I can cut my own hair without asking the wife if I've missed any bit around the back.

If mine breaks I shall buy another one - immediately.

Fellers, just buy it. Ladies, just buy it for your fellers. Fellers, buy it for your fellers. LGB....etc.
MR B. Reply to on 26 April 2018
As one of the seemingly increasing number of men for whom semi-baldness has been a reality for many years now, I discovered the joys of doing my own all-over buzz cut a while back. I've tried several electric hair clippers and particularly liked Phillips as a brand, which tend to be pretty good value. However, this Remington model has become my first choice. Main benefits are:
1. It is more convenient to hold and control
2. It's blade shape means the cut is more even and requires fewer 'passes'
3. It cuts my overall hair trimming time down from 15-20 minutes to 5-10
4. The range of trim depth attachments is greater and allows me to get a closer cut
5. The overall price is equivalent to just a few trips to the barbers
I will probably buy another one as a back-up...I have nightmares about a trimmer breaking down half way through a cut and having no way to repair the damage.
Gaz W.
Gaz W. Reply to on 19 March 2018
If you’re like me and prefer to keep your hair short and tidy but are too tight to pay for regular trips to the barbers, these are definitely the hair clippers for you! I have a set of Wahl cordless clippers but using this is so much easier. Blending down from the 15mm comb to the 3mm one is a breeze. And really quick to do too!

That’s the plusses, now the negatives: Very awkward for, ahem... Manscaping. Doable but be careful is all I’ll say! The curve of the cutting blades definitely don’t help but then again, they’re designed for heads, not um... Other things. Also, would’ve liked a bigger comb, maybe 20mm but I make do fine without.

One other thing, the travel pouch. Seriously? It’s only big enough for the clippers, NOTHING else. Where are you supposed to put the combs??

Would make it 4 and a half stars for the negative points above but 4 doesn’t do it justice as it really does make cutting your own hair so easy so 5 stars it is. Enjoy.
D. G. Morgan
D. G. Morgan Reply to on 12 November 2017
One of the best pound-for-pound value purchases I've made and it's easily the best 'gadget' I've bought this year. It only needed to cut my hair three times to have paid for itself compared to what I would have spent at the barbers, and its easily done that and more. One of the big differences is that I can now cut my hair once every week or two rather than wait a couple more weeks to make a barbers visit more affordable/justifiable! Sit's nicely in the hand, easy to get coverage due to the curved blade, really very quiet and smooth with no snagging. Getting the hair around the ears or the sideburns are tricky due to the curved blade, and you do really need to finish by shaving the area below the hairline on the back of the neck but these are small issues which are easily dealt with. If you are wavering because you've read horror stories about self-cutting trimmers then just buy won't be remotely disappointed.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 January 2018
Doesn't cut as close as my old whal clipper. Luckily as well as the regular grade combs there are some shorter ones. You'll need to for 1-0.5mm shorter with the Quick Cut to get the same result you get with a decent regular clipper. If you use it without a comb you're out of luck, get used to the stubble. It also pulls hairs a lot.
Pros: wider blade, faster cut. Fits hand better than traditional clipper -perfect for buzzing your own hair.
Cons: doesn't cut as close as a regular clipper. Pulls hair without the guard.
After a couple of uses I've come to prefer the Quick Cut over my regular clippers. It definitely takes a little getting used to but with the right guard gives an excellent buzzcut in less time. I think it's easier to get it nice and even too.
Mind Shoot!
Mind Shoot! Reply to on 26 July 2017
After getting increasingly annoyed with my Wahl clippers, and the way I had to keep on taking it to bits to keep it working, I thought I'd treat myself to an upgrade. And these clippers are most certainly that! The battery seems to last for ages for me (I'm still on my first charge, shaving my head every few days for the last month), and they are much less fuss to use. The curved blade and lack of wire both make the job quicker, and they seem to do a better job round my ears too. Wish I'd changed to these clippers ages ago!
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