Peliculas-gratis Stagg BW-70-N Bongos Pair - Natural:Peliculas-gratis
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Stagg BW-70-N Bongos Pair - Natural:Peliculas-gratis

Stagg Published in October 18, 2018, 7:06 pm
 Stagg BW-70-N Bongos Pair - Natural:Peliculas-gratis

Stagg BW-70-N Bongos Pair - Natural:Peliculas-gratis

Price:£34.31+ Free shipping with Travestiler Prime

Ibraar 'Le Saracen'
Ibraar 'Le Saracen' Reply to on 25 April 2017
Excellent value for a very good (great reviews in music websites and mags) set of Bongo drums - look great, nicely finished, very well made, finely adjustable and sound great.
Comes with adjustment spanner and easy to get right tone (use youtube videos for setting tone)
This is a serious percussion instrument and not a toy.
laffik Reply to on 25 October 2017
Very cool bongo, excellent sound, good set of membranes, do not tighten screws more than 1,5 spin as the membrane may break. Even if there are new one for £6, so no fear. Excellent make of body, good design, sounds very well in recordings. Top class for reasonable price.
Jane Reply to on 1 September 2012
I bought these as a present for my dad, who regularly plays the coffee table!!! He is really happy with them and they do the job that they were intended for... can't ask more than that... and at a really good price.

They look good too!
S. Mansi
S. Mansi Reply to on 12 December 2016
My grandson, who is seven and extremely musical, thinks they are the bees knees. Wanted proper kit for him, not a toy. Very pleased.
D. Francis
D. Francis Reply to on 17 May 2017
great product - very happy with it.
Thesoupdragon44 Reply to on 14 October 2015
great quality drums bought for my son to practice on, he loves them and once tuned we were impressed with the sound.
Winston Graham
Winston Graham Reply to on 2 February 2017
Speedy delivery. Amazing bongo drums, great sound and solid all round. They are a little smaller than stated though. The measurement states 6" & 7" skin heads.
matt Reply to on 25 August 2015
Nice - good quality. Smaller than expected.
Mike Cunningham
Mike Cunningham Reply to on 18 May 2017
Wood a bit rough on the inside, but sounds good and ok for the money.
cuckooworld Reply to on 4 March 2016
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