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LEGO Dc Super Heroes Batman Key Light:Peliculas-gratis

LEGO Published in September 25, 2018, 2:44 pm
 LEGO Dc Super Heroes Batman Key Light:Peliculas-gratis

LEGO Dc Super Heroes Batman Key Light:Peliculas-gratis

Price:£5.81+ Free shipping with Superclub Prime

The Guv'Nor
The Guv'Nor Reply to on 7 April 2017
my daughter loves this led torch. both feet light up and can be moved in separate directions, when the button on its chest is depressed.
the battery area is quickly and easily accessible buy lifting the cloak up.
the torch lego body is twice the size of a lego person but any smaller and the torch itself would be fiddly so its at the ideal size for functionality and weight.
Andy Kumar
Andy Kumar Reply to on 19 March 2015
This is a great keyring which I initially saw around Christmas 2014 in the shops, but did not purchase. Since then, I could not find it anywhere, so was very excited to see it appear on Amazon!

I am a huge Batman and lego fan, so this Keylight novelty keyring was a great purchase. It is of a very study and high quality finish, and bigger than normal lego figure, with a few nice touches. Pressing the button on Batman's chest will make his feet light up, which contain LED lights. Now these are 'very' bright, and I would not recommend looking directly at them! A few other nice features include a material cape and pulling up The Dark Knights helmet will show his eyes!

A great little keyring I would highly recommend to Batman fans as a lovely gift. 5/5
Dave Reply to on 16 April 2018
I absolutely adore this product it is a decent size it arrived quickly and as you can see from the item advert it has a torch in its feet I am a huge fan of the joker and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes lego the joker or both the delivery was brilliant as was the seller star all round I couldn't be happier well worth the money
Marlies Reply to on 1 July 2018
Bigger as I expected and I think its too big for a key bunch as it makes it quite chunky. Great to have the build in light in it especially great for in the dark. Looks lovely but for me personally too big.
Soundshaper Reply to on 6 July 2018
Nice & bright, only gripe is that I was expecting a standard legoman size but this is a lot bigger, so not really able to keep it on my keys. Other than that it's really well made & looks cool
Nas Code
Nas Code Reply to on 10 April 2016
I like it a lot. It's feels like a quality product. The cape is made of fabric which I prefer over solid plastic. Batman has led lights at the bottom of both feet. It is turned on by pressing a button on his chest. The only problem is the key chain is quite big, so I'm not sure anyone can use it for keys because it would very difficult to put it in your pocket. I plan on attaching it on my laptop bag, so it's ok for me.
Emily Reply to on 21 October 2016
I have a Batman fanatic for a fiance and he looked this little novelty light! Came well packaged and item exactly as described and pictured. The only down side is that my partner likes it so much he doesn't want to risk putting it on his keys and lost it or damage it! So it currently takes place on his shelf!
sianie Reply to on 8 May 2017
Super cool
Light, caused arguments as they all wanted one. The light is bright and actually does a good job as a torch.
F. Patel
F. Patel Reply to on 18 February 2018
Really handed to have, in case I get attacked by a bunch of thugs. A quick press of the light and Batman will come to my rescue.
Hello Reply to on 1 September 2018
Surprisingly bright little torch in a great design. After a couple of month of use as a keyring in and out of my bag, the plastic casing on the side of one of the legs fell off so it's not that robust unfortunately.
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