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Learning to See Creatively, Third Edition Design, Color, and Composition in Photography:Peliculas-gratis

Bryan Peterson
Bryan Peterson Published in September 25, 2018, 2:40 pm
 Learning to See Creatively, Third Edition Design, Color, and Composition in Photography:Peliculas-gratis

Learning to See Creatively, Third Edition Design, Color, and Composition in Photography:Peliculas-gratis


Owen Tuckett
Owen Tuckett Reply to on 20 March 2015
I have several of Bryan Peterson's books and I thoroughly recommend them. He has a very readable style, there is a wealth of technical information backed up with photographic examples but the best aspect for me is the memorable way he has with words and phrases. I won't ever forget the correct aperture for a landscape photo where I want the foreground, middle ground and background in focus because I now know that f22 is the 'storytelling' aperture. This is just one example of many that Bryan P has given me and that he will give you. His e-books have links to excellent audio and video clips too embedded in the text.

If there's one message at all in this inspiring volume it's that there is always an interesting photo to be made whenever you are. You will find a wealth of ideas here to help you.
Dennis C.
Dennis C. Reply to on 5 January 2016
you have been out all day come home, go through your shots only to be disappointed. yeah a few are ok but nothing special. sound familiar? i was in a rut coming home with so so shots. after watching bryan petersons tutorials on utube i decided to purchase learning to see creatively. i was not disappointed this book is a must read. it has opened a new world on i now see to capture an image to be proud of. easy to understand and well written. just buy it and watch your photography jump to a new level. excellent!!!!!
dan-idoine Reply to on 18 November 2010
This book has a lot of good information with good techniques and photos that are really inspirational and I found it helped me pick out better images already after reading it just once. If you can't get anything from this book at any level of skill or experience, then you obviously chose the wrong hobby.

On the other side, I did feel that some of the photos were good but looked dated and while I was really inspired by the authors film photography, I thought the slight foray into digital techniques was unnecessary and couldnt be covered in enough detail in the space available.

All in all, a good read and great for mining ideas.
Senu Hundeyin
Senu Hundeyin Reply to on 10 June 2009
I had previously read the authors Understanding exposure, and have read Some of Scott Kelbys photoshop books but this was a Natural follow up to Understanding exposure.
It succeeds in helping you see things that are there but one simply can not see
The result is that one can make existing good photos look better or even great and take more than one of the same photo and later on come up with really eye-catching images
The equal amount of text and very instructive ( and illustrative pictures makes it a gem to have around and look at from time to time to keep the inspiration flowing
Susan Leonard
Susan Leonard Reply to on 1 August 2017
With Bryan Petersen you just can't go wrong. The guy is a photographic genius. I recommend this and any other of his books - no matter what title you want.
stewg Reply to on 31 October 2017
Another of Bryan's books that make you think as you read - Don't just look - See.
Buzz Reply to on 22 December 2013
Easy read.
The amateur should be happy with content and get an appreciation of the subjects.
Digital section is somewhat lacking but then its about picture content etc. and not the picture taking device.
I'm happy with my purchase.
Delivery was prompt.
Ronan Kilroy
Ronan Kilroy Reply to on 11 January 2014
I like Bryan Peterson's approach to photography. I'm an enthusiastic photographer who has no interest in becoming a professional. So many books in this field focus on the technical aspects to photography. For me Bryan Peterson focuses on how to make photography more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong he covers all the basics and this book is filled with lots of great tips. But he always keeps things simple and clear. Great read
Shaggy Reply to on 29 August 2018
All of these books by this author are a must for any photographer.
Andysmokey Reply to on 27 August 2014
Good basic advice in an encouraging way.
The book is dated and in need if a revision but the basics are still sound and relevant.
Worth a read no matter your photographic skill.
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