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505 Games Published in October 18, 2018, 5:42 pm
 No Man's Sky (Xbox One):Peliculas-gratis

No Man's Sky (Xbox One):Peliculas-gratis

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RinseRepeat Reply to on 4 August 2018
So far it’s just mining resources over and over again. Go to a new place, mine more resources, upgrade stuff. And repeat. Ad infinitum. I’ll persevere a bit and hope it improves. That is, if I ever get to play the damned thing... three update required already this week. At 2 or 3gb each over a slow connection, that ain’t fun. I wonder what this latest update will bring. More mining perhaps? More planets that look the same as the last one, but a different colour? Another identical space station with the same grumpy aliens? Probably. I quite like the hugeness of it all though. And the fact that I’m still playing and still waiting for updates to download says something I guess. Those f’ing sentinels though...

EDIT - Ok, now I've been playing a few more weeks I've given it an extra star. It's still heavy on the resource mining, but once you get a bit further into the game and get a freighter and some frigates to do expeditions etc, and once you're warping around different star systems, things get a bit more interesting. In fact I really like the game now. I'm only not giving 5 stars because it's pretty buggy still... for instance, I wasn't able to map any planets up until yesterday's update (another 5.8GB... grrr!), and I couldn't repair my frigates. However, that was all fixed in the update, so hats off to the developers for dealing with it. All in all I now think it's a great game for anyone who likes the idea of flying round space discovering stuff. Be prepared to invest hours of time and staying up till 3am just to get the last ingredient for that new upgrade though :)
Ryan L.
Ryan L. Reply to on 15 August 2018
I bought this for my little brother as a present. I've even had a go of it myself and it's a really fun game! Explore planets, galaxies, moons, and space! Fun little things that come along with it, such as random attacks from space pirates whilst free roaming. It also teaches children as well as adults science, such as needing to find Carbon, Sodium, Tritium, etc in order to fuel and craft things. If there are any cons, I would personally say the beginning bit was a bit tricky. But it's definitely a fun game! You can also choose your race as well as your outfit, colour etc. (But you have to finish the beginning part first) You can name your planets, moons (once discovered) and spaceship and also craft new weapons. Some planets we came across are really cold such as -60 Celsius, or really hot like 73 Celsius, so it's wise to find a good planet to set up base on that's the right temperature. There is also a creative mode, as such games like Minecraft have, where you can spawn on a planet and you have unlimited amount of materials etc. There are also 3 difficulties I think. There's normal, survival and then something called Permadeath, which I think is if you die, you literally lose everything and have to start again lol. Anyway, enough said, it's a fun game! :) Hope this helped some people
Tom Hall
Tom Hall Reply to on 10 August 2018
The game has quite a steep learning curve but if you persevere with it it is definitely worth the effort. It has more resource finding and collecting than I expected in a space game but it fits very well within the game and encourages travel and exploration. I'm sure that I will invest a lot more time and a lot more of myself in this game in the future.
Mr. G. P. Schofield
Mr. G. P. Schofield Reply to on 2 September 2018
Seriously well updated version of no mans sky. If you like it already, you'll like it now.

A hint. This time around follow the hints the game throws at you, and you'll learn every system needed to proceed deep into the game, ignore these hint/prompts at your peril as if you don't follow them , you will not be able to proceed tobuild and use necessary systems.

A point of view. I've always though the music in this was a missed opportunity, often pointlessly ambient, non thematic and frankly, a tad dull.
If you like the "wandering around" music from games like Oblivion and Skyrim be prepared for huge disappointment, the music in NMS is just not very good or interesting.

The skybox on this version of the game is astoundingly poor, and it would look old and dated on original xbox or playstation 2, it is unacceptably poor for the current gen.

Other than that, when you're in the right frame of mind, this game can be absorbing and highly entertaining.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 28 August 2018
Great game bit glitchy but really good glad its out on the x box one
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 September 2018
Bought for myself, very happy.
MR B. Rogers
MR B. Rogers Reply to on 6 August 2018
If you have heard of No Man's Sky before, you have probably heard of the terrible launch it had, they developers telling outright lies and the poor performance. Do your self a favour and forget all that.

No Man's Sky Next is a launch of No Man's Sky with all of the updates and patches etc that have been released over the last year or so. Included in this is a engine upgrade for the graphics, way more content, regular patches to fix the issues that crop up and most of all...actual multiplayer!

You start your space life crashing onto a planet and learning the early ropes of how to mine for materials, which you then plug into various part of your Exosuit, namely life support and you shield that protect you from all that nasty cold/poison and heat.

Learning what you need to mine for what you want to do is half the battle, Aiding you in this venture is a portable scanner (which you also have to repair) which helps you locate slightly more rare materials. As you slowly figure out what is going on, you get to a crashed ship and now you learn how to mine for more materials and also how you turn those materials into better ones, in order to fix your ship. Again, the game does a good job of telling you what you need, since that will come in handy down the line for other ships. Once repaired, its off to space! and the cycle begins. Head to space, find weird and wonderful planets, harvest their goodies, find space-stations to trade at, see cool spaceships you cann afford, make more lift-off fuel because you have run out agasin (Seriously, make lots of this when you get the time and materials)

Is the game perfect? Nope. it can still feel a little aimless and you planet hop all over the place but the game does direction you along your story path at regular intervals, so you never really feel abandoned. If you want to get out there and see what is going on, you are free to. Just remember that flying, mining, running, mining, flying, mining are you almost constant companions in your space adventure.

If you want a super chill, often spectacular, sometimes a little dry space romp through randomised (and funny looking) planets, No Man's Sky is for you. If you want high octane shooting and constant explosions, maybe pick something else.
Quality of Life Control Officer
Quality of Life Control Officer Reply to on 28 August 2018
sealed case, but NO GAME DISC INSIDE!!!! ...unbelievable! UTTER SHAMBLES

COVERED AND SEALED GAME CASE, OPENED - NO DISC INSIDE!!!! ...unbelievable! - and no its not supposed to be a download code, abd that wasn't there either!

YES i am being 100% truthful here, I got it BRAND NEW, paid full price, sold and purchased from Amazon UK - game case was sealed in cellophane and the xbox seal of authenticity was not broken! ... i opened it and to ne HORROR tgere was NO GAME DISC!

I cant even trust PRIME OR AMAZON guaranteed sales here
Optimistic Chaos
Optimistic Chaos Reply to on 9 August 2018
Bought this for my son's birthday and he loves it. The only downside is that his friends don't yet have it for the xbox one because it is new out.
adrian bridger
adrian bridger Reply to on 24 August 2018
All good thanks
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